• About Us

    • The Continental Hotel is a beautiful treasure withstanding the test of time, thanks to the native son and philanthropist, Morgan E. Cline.

      Born in the tiny coal mining town of Exline, Iowa, Morgan Cline overcame countless obstacles in his journey to become one of America's most successful businessmen. He rose above the limitations of a small town upbringing to create his own success, and now embraces the community where he was raised.

      Morgan's success did not come easy. He worked tirelessly to pay his own way, create his own destiny. He attended college full time, and worked full time to pay for books, tuition and living expenses. He spent time in the military as a pharmacist which provided some valuable experience on the road to his pharmaceutical advertising career. He was forced to abandon his pharmacy to save his life when race riots took over his neighborhood. It was traumatic, but helped to thrust Morgan from his career as a pharmacist into something that he discovered he was uniquely qualified for - pharmaceutical advertising.

      Hard work, perseverance, long hours, and a passion for his new career put Morgan on the way to incredible achievement. From account executive at one advertising agency and then President & CEO of his own agency - Cline, Davis and Mann, Inc., Morgan Cline was not handed his success - he earned it.

      Morgan E. Cline shared his success with Appanoose County, Iowa, where his strong work ethic took root. Through his many acts of generosity, Exline, Iowa and Centerville, Iowa benefited from Morgan's visions of the future by remembering his past.  The Continental Hotel is one of the many.

      We look forward to hosting you and your story to our own.